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Diced - Train your brain and perception

Diced is a game in which you have to prove your perception and dexterity in a short puzzle. Transfer the colors from the left cube to the right cube. No matter whether against the time in the game modes Rounds and Time or relaxed in Endless mode. Choose between 3 levels of difficulty where the cube gets bigger and more complex. Quick thinking and reactions are required when chasing your best scores.

Goal of the game is to transfer the pattern shown on the left side to the right side by touching the corresponding fields. You can tap the fields or just simply draw your finger over them. If you made a mistake just tap the field again.

Color selection

Choose the color of the cubes according to your taste with the C symbol in the app

Game modes

- Rounds: Solve 30 puzzles as fast as you can

- Time: Solve as many puzzles as you can before the time runs out

- Endless: Relax and play as many puzzles as you want


Choose between 3 levels:




How to Play:

- Select the size of the pattern 3x3, 4x4 or 5x5

- Select the game mode

-- Rounds : Transfer 30 patterns as fast as you can

-- Time: Transfer as many patterns as you can before time runs out

-- Infinite: Just relax while you transfer patterns

If you want to go back to the main screen, tap the 3 circle icon in the upper left corner.

The main screen will show your scores under each size category. The first score shows how many seconds you needed in Rounds game mode and the second score shows how many patterns you managed to transfer in Time game mode.

Install instructions


Download the app from the Google Play Ptore or open the .apk and install following the instructions your smartphone shows.


Download and unzip the file.


Diced_Global_Itch.apk 20 MB
Diced_Windows_Itch.zip 18 MB

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